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Chinese 3D Traffic Sign Pack and American Bundle Update

The “Asian Collection: Chinese Traffic Signs Vol. 1” pack is finally available in the Unreal Engine Marketplace! This is a Chinese 3D traffic signs pack. The special thing about it is not the fact that it is a traffic sign asset pack, no, it is the very first CHN traffic sign pack in a 2048px resolution available on the internet. In addition, the “American Sign Bundle” Collection has been extended with the “US Traffic Signs Vol. 3” Pack – 100 new traffic signs for all American Bundle Customers! For more products feel free to check out my Unreal Engine Marketplace Profile.

Asset Pack

Asian Collection: Chinese Traffic Signs Vol. 1

  • Realistic chinese traffic signs
  • Include: Level of Detail; Collision, HQ Textures
  • First high resolution China pack on the Internet!
  • 166 signs, total with all options: 184 signs
  • game-ready, archvis ready, realistic
  • Unreal Engine 4.26+, Unreal Engine 5 convertable

First China Signs Pack on the Internet

Chinese Traffic Signs Pack stands out for its uniqueness on the Internet. It is the very first traffic signs pack with Chinese signs in 2048px resolution (and thus game-ready). All common Chinese traffic signs were vectorized, traced by hand and brought from 128x128px to 2048*2048px. Neither the quality nor such a pack can be found on the internet currently – this is a unique sign pack.

You still need a few extra little things?

There’s nothing worse than buying a pack and then realizing, “Oh damn, I’m missing a bracket.” But that’s not a problem at all. Individual requests can be handled on request at a reasonable price. Just have a look at the product page. Maybe here is already exactly what you are looking for! If not, just use this page to create a request.

Asian Collection: Chinese Traffic Signs Vol. 1
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