Game Asset Packs | game-ready, ArchVis, optimized
Own Asset Pack needed? | game-ready, ArchVis, optimized

Let us create asset packs

You don’t find the Game Asset Pack you need in the Asset Packs above? No problem!
Objects or even a small Asset Pack can be created on request. An example 3D object can be seen on the right – the photo was taken in the Unreal Engine (4).

Whether it is a single object or a small asset pack, all packs that are sent out have LODs (Level of Detail), collision, textures (Albedo, Normal, ORM) and a high level of detail. But the most important thing is, all objects are Game-Ready, so optimized, but also ArchVis (architecture visualization) “ready”.
All created objects are available for the Unreal Engine (4, 5). If desired, however, all FBX and texture files can be sent along instead, which allow a problem-free integration with the Unity or other engines.

Only inorganic objects are produced, as well as no vehicles of any kind.
Please add to your request for which engine you want to use the asset pack.

SM_TicketMachine Bild
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