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Smart Cable Connector Preview
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Welcome to the Smart Cable Connector !
Enjoy this easy and beginner friendly drag’n drop Cable Connector Blueprint. It will create and connect the cables between your power poles or telephone posts in seconds. Just drag’n drop the Blueprint in your level, set a new Pole / Base Mesh, set how many cables you wanna add and define in a few seconds the spawn point, duplicate the pole and here we go ;D


Smart Cable Connector

In this small documentation I explain you how to use Smart Cable Connector. This small blueprint tool should help you in the Unreal Engine to create and build power cables easily and quickly with a few clicks. Have a look at this documentation on your desktop. So you can compare directly on the right.


Add the Smart Cable Connector Pack to your project. You will now find a folder called “Smart Cable Connector” in your project. Open this and also open the “Blueprints” folder. Next, drag the “Cable Connector” blueprint twice into your level. On the right side under “Details” you can now find an item called “Cable Connection Mesh”. Select the eyedropper on the right and click on the second power pole that is in the level.

A cable should now be added automatically.

Cable Count

Set here how many cables you want to add to the power pole.

Cable X Y Position

X stands for a number (1,2,3,4,5 or 6) and Y for A or B. Here you can set the start position and end position of the respective cable. For example, “Cable 1 A Position” sets the start position of the first cable “Cable 1”. “A” always stands for the start position and “B” for the end position, i.e. the position where the cable of the previous object ends.

Cable Basis Mesh

Here you can insert your own 3D object / mesh or use existing power poles from the pack. Only static meshes are compatible. For new meshes you only have to set the “Cable Positions”.

Cable Connection Mesh

This is the following power pole to be connected to the cable of the currently selected power pole. Only a power pole of the BP_CableConnector blueprint is compatible (you can set your own Static Mesh – more under “Cable Basis Mesh”).

Is End Mesh

If there is no further connection from an object or if it is the starting point of the power line (first power pole), then set a check mark here.

Cable Drop / Sag

Cable Drop sets how “loosely” a cable should hang or how tightly it is connected. Slightly different values will make your scene more realistic.

World Composition

To use World Composition, insert the Smart Cable Connector Tool into your persistent level. If your Cable BP is in a sublevel, the Construction Script will not work because it is initialized at the level start.

Smart Cable Connector - Unreal Engine Asset

Last Page Update: 09/28/2021 | Compatible with Unreal Engine 4.26.x+ and 5.x+

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