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Road Essentails

Maximize your creativity with Road Essentials.

Enhance your Unreal Engine projects with “Road Essentials”. This asset pack offers an abundance of street and bridge elements, including the “Smart Road Markings” tool.

Road Essentails - Unreal Engine Marketplace Asset Pack


Road Essentials is the ideal asset pack for realistic street and bridge design in Unreal Engine. It includes a wide range of modular street parts, detailed 3D models, and versatile bridge elements, complemented by the innovative “Smart Road Markings” tool. Perfect for game developers and 3D artists.


Road Essentails - Unreal Engine Marketplace Asset Pack
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Road Essentails: Showcase

Quickly and easily create roads for your game, simulation, or visualization. With just a few clicks, draw your road using Landscape Splines, whether it’s a country road or a highway. With modular bridge parts designed for RQ10.5 to RQ36, you can effortlessly build bridges in your game. All parts are “Spline-ready” and available for Unreal Engine 4.26 to Unreal Engine 5.

Tutorials & News

More Tutorials coming in the next days!

World Partition

Road Essentials can be used with World Partition. When using it, make sure you use a Spline-Blueprint or set your Landscape Splines to Persistent, so they are always displayed, whether the level cell has loaded or not. This can lead to performance loss, which can be prevented by adjusting the Cull-Distance settings. Set a maximum visibility for the road.


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