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Road Essentials, Belarusian & Ugandan Traffic Signs Asset Packs + Smart Traffic Light Update 1.2 – for Unreal Engine

Discover the latest Unreal Engine Marketplace Asset Packs that will elevate your game development to the next level. From lifelike road construction kits to authentic traffic signs from Belarus and Uganda, to an innovative update for our Smart Traffic Light system. Perfect your realistic game environments with these essential resources.

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Road Essentials

Road Essentials provides everything needed for realistic highways and rural roads in Unreal Engine, including modular components, road markings, and essential infrastructure.

  • Dimensions according to the German “Guidelines for the Layout of Highways”
  • Customizable road markings and asphalt
  • Highways, federal roads, rural roads, connecting roads

European Collection: Belarusian Traffic Signs

Discover the “European Collection: Belarusian Traffic Signs” with over 280 authentic traffic signs from Belarus. Enhance the quality of your game with realistic, slightly dusty signs and avoid common design errors. With 283 signs and 298 variations, this pack offers a wide range of drag & drop material instances for lifelike game design.

African Collection: Ugandan Traffic Signs

Explore the “African Collection: Ugandan Traffic Signs” with over 110 authentic traffic signs from Uganda. Avoid common design mistakes and increase the realism of your game with this carefully designed asset pack that offers easy drag & drop and realistic textures.

Asset Pack Updates
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Smart Traffic Light Update 1.2

The new Smart Traffic Light Tool Update 1.2 is now available and includes 31 new traffic light symbols for pedestrians, trams, and buses:

  • Pedestrian “Wait” signal
  • Various tram signals
  • Bus speed signals
Battle of Decay Updates

Battle of Decay: Survival - Updates

Due to some delays in the programming of “Battle of Decay: Survival,” the early-access release window has been pushed back a bit. Before release, there will be another beta test to see if the new changes further improve game quality. Among the changes is a revival system, a new equipment, ping, and mini-game system.

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“Battle of Decay: Survival” is a top-down survival game that throws you into a world during a virus outbreak. Fight your way through missions with your friends and come out alive from hell. This game is set in the world of “Battle of Decay”.
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