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Pack textures into color channels with one click.

The easiest way to combine multiple textures in one image.
Add three different black and white textures and create an ORM texture or other with one click.
With this free tool you can create performant textures in seconds using color channels.

Windows, MacOS, Linux – free

Texture Channel Packer - Converter App

How it works

Add your Textures

Add up to three different textures. Decide for yourself which ones you want, for example Ambient Occlusion, Roughness, Metallic or Displacement.


Click on the "Convert" button and have your final texture displayed in seconds. During the lightning fast conversion your three textures will be assigned to different color channels of the RGB image.


Have you selected your resolution?
Just click on "Export As" and export your final texture consisting of three textures. The final image can be exported as TIFF, JPG, PNG, TGA or BMP -RGB image.

Texture Channel Packer - Converter App
Play Video about Texture Channel Packer - Converter App

Texture Channel Packer

Texture Channel Packer is free tool with which you can combine up to three textures and create ORM textures in seconds, among others. Three black and white textures are embedded in the color channels of an RGB image (red, green, blue). This makes very performant textures possible, because you replace three textures with one.


Texture Channel Packer - Converter App


Basically, any kind of texture can be imported.
However, black and white (grayscale) textures should be used, such as:
Ambient Occlusion, Roughness, Metallic, Displacement, Bumb or similar.

The following file formats are supported in both import and export:

Windows 64-bit, Linux and MacOS.

No. The textures you convert and export are of course not subject to any license or restriction. Have fun using them!

This application was created for game developers, especially for the DerSky community, so that you can easily and quickly convert e.g. from websites that offer free textures to ORM textures (Occlusion, Roughness, Metallic).
If you want you can donate me a coffee by clicking on the donation link at the top of the page.

Have fun using it!

Correct, you can download the application and click on the “TextureChannelPacker.exe” without further ado. After that the application will be started and is ready to use.

Import your converted ORM / RGB image texture. Double-click on the imported texture in the Unreal Engine and search for “sRGB” in the right “Details” panel.
Uncheck “sRGB” and click save in the upper left corner. The texture should now be displayed correctly. In your material you can now paste the texture. It should have the type “Linear Color”. Now use the R,G,B outputs of the texture node and connect them to the respective material inputs. Example: For an ORM texture the RED output is connected to Ambient Occlusion, the GREEN output to Roughness and the BLUE output to Metallic.

Change the file extension from .tif to .tiff .
Now everything should work as usual.

This application was created primarily for the DerSky community. Thanks to all DerSky supporters and viewers, as well as to the programmer Gabriel Hernández.


Thorsten Koch
Design / Planning
Gabriel Hernández

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Texture Channel Packer ist ein kostenloses Tool mit dem du verschiedene Texturen zu einer RGB Textur packen kannst.

Portable Edition – v1.0 | Größe: 10,7 mb

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Texture Channel Packer is a tool that allows you to pack different textures into one RGB texture.

Portable Edition – v1.0 | Size: 10,7 mb

WELL, WORK IN PROCESS | Check out the German Page, there it is working.