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Warning Collection - Unreal Engine Asset
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Welcome to the Warning Collection: Hazard & Warning Signs !
This sign pack is specially designed for warning, notice and information signs. Should you have a factory environment or simply need hazard signs, you are definitely in the right place. This Unreal Engine Asset Pack contains over 180 warning signs of the interational standard – ISO7010. All signs are of course game-ready and care has also been taken to include European versions, e.g. German hazard signs.


Warning Collection Tutorial

Here you will learn how to convert signs for sign posts / poles into “flat” signs. You can do this with almost any sign for the object shape. Almost all round signs are compatible with the round flat shape.


Create flat sign material

Search in the Content Browser for the material of a sign what you want to convert into a flat sign.

Now click with your right mouse button on the respective material and click on “Duplicate” – Figure 1.Once you have duplicated the material, open it.

Warning Collection: Hazard & Warning Signs - Complete Pack
Figure 1

Once you have opened your material, you will see several options on the right side. Set a check mark here at the item “isFlat?” On the right side you also have to set a checkmark. Now more textures will be unlocked and the sign will be “flat” – Figure 2.

At last you have to set the textures to overwrite: “FlatMask”, so the material knows if you want to make a round, square or triangular shield, “FlatMask_Diffuse” for the color to overwrite and “FlatMask_ORM”, for the surface texture information.

Figure 3 (right) shows all the flat textures and the options (round, square, triangular) and lists them. So if you need a round flat sign, set the following:

  • T_Sign_Warn_Round_mask, T_Sign_Round_flat, T_Sign_Round_flat_orm

Follow these steps exactly for square and triangular flat signs.
Make sure you select and set the appropriate textures.

Warning Collection: Hazard & Warning Signs - Complete Pack
Figure 2
Warning Collection: Hazard & Warning Signs - Complete Pack
Figure 3
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