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Garry’s Mod Server.cfg Online Generator is now available!

If you want to create the server.cfg of your Garry’s Mod Server, you are in the right place. Many viewers have asked how to create the server config file or why the server.cfg is empty after the GMod server installation on Windows or Linux. Yesterday a new online tool went online on, with which the creation of these Configs happens in seconds!

Create server.cfg and startup file in seconds

You can specify the settings of your Garry’s Mod server and then have the server.cfg and startup file created. The generator supports both Linux and Windows Garry’s Mod servers and offers numerous options such as the server name, the maximum number of players, the Rcon password and many more.

I know from my own experience how annoying it can be to create all settings for a Garry’s Mod server manually. You have to search for the start parameters and server settings on the internet – you can save this time. That’s why I developed the generator, so you can create your server.cfg and start file in a few seconds, without any technical knowledge.

That's why you need a server.cfg

But what do you need a server.cfg for? The Server.cfg is a configuration file for your Garry’s Mod server, in which you can define all important settings. This includes for example the server name, the maximum number of players, the Rcon password and many more. With the server.cfg you can customize your server and give it your desired settings.

Besides the server.cfg you also need a server start file. With this you can start your server and make it available for others. This start file is usually called “start.bat” (Windows) or “” (Linux). You can also create this file in seconds using the start file generator.

					hostname " Generator"
rcon_password "MyStrongPassword"
sv_password ""
sv_downloadurl ""
sv_loadingurl ""
sv_allowupload 0
// (...)
sv_region 255
sv_allowdownload 0
// Just use the Generator :)!

I hope I could give you an insight into the new “Garry’s Mod Server.cfg and Startup File Generator” with this blog article and you are now able to create your own Server.cfg and Startup File. Have fun creating your Garry’s Mod Server!

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