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Q4 Updates and Unreal Engine Assets

Exciting new additions await us in the Unreal Marketplace by the end of 2023. Over the next two weeks, some of these updates and brand-new asset packs might become available, provided they are promptly reviewed and approved. These extensions offer you the opportunity to add fresh features to your project and enrich your gaming experience.

Q4 - Updates
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Smart Traffic Light Update 1.1

Soon, you can update the design of your traffic light lenses! Say goodbye to the old look and choose from a variety of new types, including:

  • German Style (x2)
  • Netherland Style
  • Dots & Digital Style (x3)
  • Old Lense Style (x2)

European Collection: Russian Sign Bundle

In the coming days, you can purchase the Russian Sign Bundle in the Unreal Marketplace, which features over 280 Russian 3D traffic signs. This pack combines Russian Signs Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. As an additional feature, even more new traffic signs from the Russian collection have been added. The bundle will cost approximately $20 (price excluding tax; as of 10/23) in the Marketplace, and was created to adjust the pricing to the other sign packs.

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Modular Toll Station - Vol. 2

The modular toll booth Vol. 2 is now available in the Marketplace, adding a new toll booth style with surveillance cameras and lane dividers to your projects.

  • Modular Assets, Game-Ready
  • LODs and Collision included
  • 32 Meshes with Variations and 2 Blueprints
Q4 - Battle of Decay / -Survival
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Battle of Decay: Survival auf Steam

Battle of Decay: Survival is moving to the next round. The plan is to unlock the Steam version in December and launch it into an early Early Access. As this is the first EA, we are, of course, a bit excited. The general testing phase is expected to begin once the “Subway” level is complete and ready to go. Additionally, a few bugs need fixing and content needs adding. You can wishlist the game here for free:

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