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Best Free AI Image Generator – Like Midjourney, but Free!

Attention to all Unreal Engine aficionados and passionate 3D modelers out there! Exciting news coming your way! The “Der Sky’s Sammelhalde” Discord Community introduces a free AI tool, standing toe-to-toe with commercial providers. Dive into the world of artificial intelligence in image generation – entirely free for every community member.

Free AI Image Generator Tool

The AI Image Generator - Your Free Alternative to MidJourney

Looking for a high-quality image generator without hidden costs? Look no further. Unlike renowned platforms like MidJourney, our community offers you this powerful tool absolutely free. A perfect tool to let your creative ideas soar.

Using the Tool – A Step-by-Step Guide

What’s the catch? None at all. The tool is free and extremely user-friendly.

  1. Join the largest German Unreal Engine Discord Server.
  2. Enter the #frag-die-ai Channel.
  3. Use the command: /generiere <dein Prompt> --<Format>.
    e.g.: /generiere a beautfil waterful at sunset --1:1
  4. Wait for a moment and marvel at your generated image!

AI Image Generation and Game Development: Your Pros and Cons

Discord AI Image Generator Preview

Copyright: Your Responsibility

It’s essential that you ensure not to infringe upon third-party rights with the generated content. Even with AI behind it, you’re accountable for the image usage. Always stay updated regarding the legal framework. It should be clear from the outset that images depicting other brands or, for instance, series characters should not be used. Try to create unique prompts to generate corresponding images and scenes. Nevertheless, always check the legal situation in your country and, if necessary, consult legal experts.

Available Alternatives

Image generation is a hot topic. MidJourney stands out as one of the most popular image generation services, but it comes at a price. Dall-E, in my opinion, presents more challenges in producing good results compared to the paid provider “MidJourney”. A free alternative is “Stable Diffusion”, an open-source AI image generation tool for your PC. It’s free, and everyone can use it from their PC, provided you have the right hardware. This article explains how to use Stable Diffusion locally. Apart from hardware requirements – the more powerful, the better – many are concerned about electricity costs. AI applications tend to consume a lot of power. Among numerous other free pseudo-providers, the Der Sky’s Sammelhalde AI tool remains the best with excellent results, eliminating concerns about increased electricity consumption or any form of payment.


The “Der Sky’s Sammelhalde” Community has managed to create a remarkable tool. It opens a plethora of creative avenues for you, yet brings responsibilities. Use it wisely and revel in the infinite possibilities of image generation – all for free.

Here are some generated Examples.

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