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Happy New Year 2024

Welcome to the new year 2024! We are at the beginning of a year rich in exciting changes and progress, especially in the field of technology and game development.

How did you get into the new year? I hope you’ve all had a fantastic start to 2024 and are ready for all that this year has to offer. From me, a huge thank you goes out to the and DerSky community – you are the core of what I do and I’m thrilled to experience this year side by side with you. ~ Thorsten / DerSky

Unreal Engine: New license terms in 2024

Ein wesentlicher Punkt in diesem Jahr betrifft die Unreal Engine von Epic Games. Kürzlich wurde angekündigt, dass die Lizenzbedingungen für Non-Game Developer angepasst werden. Diese Änderung wirft viele Fragen auf: Was bedeutet das konkret? Ist die Unreal Engine ab 2024 nicht mehr kostenlos? In our detailed article “New license model from 2024 – Unreal Engine no longer free? All the facts!” you will find all the relevant information. Entgegen der überdramatisierten Darstellungen in einigen YouTube-Videos betrifft diese Änderung allerdings weniger Personen, als zunächst angenommen. Also keine Sorge, wir halten dich auf dem Laufenden!
Q4 - Updates

Planned asset packs

In the near future, you can look forward to new asset packs, including signage and bridge/road packs that were teased months ago. Here we face the challenge of balancing usability and efficiency. The current trend in the Unreal Engine Marketplace (among customers) is towards better usability and customizability, even if this can come at the expense of performance. However, it becomes critical if you want to develop a real game or, above all, larger games. Here the question arises as to whether the customer should be met with maximum customizability or rather in the area of sustainable performance. In the case of a road/bridge pack, technically you can only decide in favor of one or the other without further code plugin dependencies. We will inform you as soon as there is a decision on this topic.

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Smart Traffic Light Update 1.1

The new update for the Smart Traffic Light Tool is available and includes new lens styles for your European traffic lights:

  • German Style (x2)
  • Netherland Style
  • Dots & Digital Style (x3)
  • Old Lense Style (x2)
Battle of Decay Updates

Review and outlook: "Battle of Decay: Survival"

In 2023, our focus was primarily on “Battle of Decay: Survival”. Although the Early Access phase on Steam did not start as planned, the project is nearing completion – we estimate the current development status at 90%. The delay is partly due to the high quality standards we are striving for and which are constantly evolving.

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Wishlist the game on Steam

Despite the delay, you’ll get the new enemies and objects that weren’t actually planned for this point in the game right at the start. If they are already finished and improve the game, why not! For now, the main focus is on the subway levels and the Battle of Decay: Survival website, as the images are now massively outdated. But what are you waiting for, wishlist the top down survival game today if you like it:

Concluding words

Your opinion is needed!

We invite you to share your thoughts and expectations for the new year with us. Comment below and follow us on our social media channels for regular updates.

We are excited to see what 2024 has in store for us and look forward to embarking on this exciting journey with you. Stay tuned for more exciting developments and updates from the world of technology and game development!

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