Your Projects of the community showcase – November

Like every month, the #MonatsEnde Community Showcase video is online this month, showing your progress, projects, artwork, tools and more that have kept you on your toes over the past month. Every member of the “DerSky Vasallenschafts Discord Community”, the largest German Unreal Engine Discord Community, can showcase their Unreal Engine project, tool, artwork and much more in the Community Showcase with the hashtag “#MonatsEnde”. At the beginning of the new month, these works will be presented in a video. You, the community, will then decide which work has won or not.

This month, 10 community members have dared to face the harsh judgment of the community. In the course of the next few days, as always, it will be decided who won with which project. As always, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

#EureWerke | Community Showcase - November

From indie games to tools and even blocks, it’s all here this month. It’s best to just start at the top.

The user “Tryhard” starts with an Unreal Engine Looting System for his game. But it doesn’t stop there and he also shows us a clothing system that is not only visually impressive, but also multiplayer-ready and thus something special. Systems that are supposed to be replicated in online mode are always a bit of a pain, so it’s even nicer to see users who face the challenge!

The user “EvilReFlex” created a terminal block generator for the free 3D modeling program “Blender”. With this tool it is possible to easily and quickly design clamp bricks of any kind. An ideal starting point for a little game in the direction of a terminal block “survival game”? Either way, it would certainly be fun to play with a building system!

If we talk about systems, we can directly mention “Simi” and “Benjamin4564”. “Simi” developed a small Unreal Engine “Car AI” system. Maybe an ingenious start in the direction of “Open World Game”? After all, the cars already stop at red and have a lead foot when it turns yellow! “Benjamin4564“, on the other hand, developed a fighter-jet game mode. Maybe epic and cinematic air battles await us as early as next month!

When it comes to real games, we should definitely mention “Roots – King’s Crown” this month. This game was not only shown as a gameplay video, no, there was directly a cinematic trailer on top! An epic voice, an animated narrator, top-down combat, what more could you ask for?
Ah right, the video – watch it and judge for yourself!
Top performance from the user “LogicalCuber” and
Lootsoft Games.

November was rainy. Some people like “Michael.DieRumpelEcke” take heart to that! Maybe that’s why the beautiful “Unreal Engine 4 Rainy Days” scene happened, who knows. We are all looking forward to more! Announced was already another Community Showcase contribution which should be a “surprise”. I hope you didn’t promise us too much 😉

Like to play chess? The user “Felix” shows us a nicely rendered chessboard including pieces. Maybe it will even become a game idea? Who knows!
Micha” another community member also always likes to post, so also this month! What always pleases me so much, he not only models and textures extremely realistic, no, also manages to include every detail. This often begs the question, “is this a picture or virtual?”. In the end, however, only Micha can answer this question. Whether sausages, gummy bears or a toy box, he tries everything!

Last but not least we have “jryanofficial” and “xdphilipp”. “Jryanofficial” already gave us some impressions of his game “Operation: OMEGA” last month. This month he showed new pictures of ruins, an airfield and a video of his character running through a forest.
xdphilipp” on the other hand says no to end times and yes to fantasy! Dragons still enjoy great popularity, so the question is, when will your next pack come ;)!

The Community Showcase on Youtube

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