Save up to 70% on our assets during the Black Friday sale in the Unreal Marketplace

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Black Friday deals – Save up to 50%!

The Black Friday Sale in the Unreal Engine Marketplace is finally here. You can get up to 50% discount on almost all products from “Der Sky” or Additionally, the Unreal Marketplace team offers you a $10 voucher for a purchase of at least $15! Don’t miss this must-have offer and stock up on my sign packs and level design tools for your project or game. From the Smart Cable Connector Tool to the German, Swiss, Danish, Russian and many other sign packs! Don’t wait and get them before Black Friday ends on December 3!

Must-Have Deals for your Project

Black Friday Overview

  • 28 Traffic Sign / Level Design Tool -Packs
  • 30 to 50% discount until Dec. 3, 2021
  • With over $15 purchase value, $10 coupon from EPIC.
  • Write reviews and get the Traffic Props Vol. 2 Pack for free !
  • Use packs quickly and easily with drag’n drop
    No blueprint knowledge required

Must-Have Deals

There are some must-have deals, simply because some packs won’t be around for this cheap for a while, and here’s the must-have list:

The new Smart Traffic Light Tool - Create traffic lights in seconds

Save time with the Smart Traffic Light Tool! With this tool you can drag’n drop in seconds your desired traffic light (1s, 2s or 3s) into your level, adjust it visually and set the start sequence, whether red, yellow, flashing, green, “off” as well as their duration. Why create traffic lights by hand? That’s what Smart Traffic Light is for.

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Texture Channel Packer ist ein kostenloses Tool mit dem du verschiedene Texturen zu einer RGB Textur packen kannst.

Portable Edition – v1.0 | Größe: 10,7 mb

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Texture Channel Packer is a tool that allows you to pack different textures into one RGB texture.

Portable Edition – v1.0 | Size: 10,7 mb

WELL, WORK IN PROCESS | Check out the German Page, there it is working.